One to two months.
To hit the ground running, before I start the residency period I review the current community engagement practices and voices of the school. This will typically require a meeting with the team. And I also watch videos, inspect the website, review social media, and other channels of communication. 
The main requirement for the Communications department is to receive me as a part of the team. Video production is a very collaborative activity. During the residency period, there will be intense collaboration creating scripts, organising filming schedules and reviewing video versions. 
I have my own cinema-quality filming gear, and all the resources to produce videos during the residency period. In order to set up the videography unit in the school, I will recommend a shopping list. 
The number of videos we can expect to produce depend on two factors: the length of the residency, and the complexity of the videos. Whilst a simple speech to camera with no supporting footage can be filmed and and finished in 1-2 days, a video with several interviews and supporting footage, can take longer. 
Typically, I can produce 8 to 10 videos during a residency period.
With careful planning and open communication, we can accomplish the residency main goals in time: to create a collection of videos and to set up the videography unit. If, after the end of the defined period, the organisation feels that more needs to be done - extra videos, extra training, for example - we can plan another residency period, and start another cycle.
I am based in Sydney. I also take residency periods anywhere in Australia.
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