Film production is very collaborative, and I love this aspect of my work. This photo was taken after a cold early morning filming session for the biographical documentary about Erling Jensen. Erling, his partner Fernando, and I went for a coffee after Erling went in the freezing sea at Balmoral Beach. At sunrise, we re-enacted the sunset at end of his pilgrim walk of the Camino de Santiago. The documentary is in post production, and it's called My Camino. 
uniform shop
A bit of history: when I re-started my career to become a video producer, I looked for non-profit jobs to hone my skills. At the time I was a volunteer parent at my daughters' primary school, which landed me my first professional video project: community engagement for the Balgowlah Heights Public School uniform shop. The co-producer and presenter is Fiona Pentecost, the very talented uniform shop coordinator.
Clara's hair
I went to film school at the very much missed Metro Screen Film Hub in Paddington, Sydney. During the course of my studies, my documentary pitch was selected for production. I produced and directed a short documentary: Clara's Hair. I'm still proud of it, as our small crew of three students - BJ Johnston (cinematography), and Jason Walsh (sound) - managed to tell a lovely adoption story. 
I love to travel. At the end of 2019, I went for a sabbatical year in the UK, and got caught in the pandemics. Whenever I had the chance to travel, I used my iPhone 6 (yes, the bendy one) to register some of my trips.
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