Claudia, with a lens/coffee cup
Claudia, with a lens/coffee cup
My job as a producer-in-residence is to join the Communications team of a school for a defined period of time. Before I start, I scope the videography needs and priorities and I spend time to understand the school's values and voice. Once the residency period begins, I start producing videos straight away. 
At the end of the residency period, the school will have a collection of quality videos published on YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and other digital channels. But most importantly, I will leave the structure of a videography unit within the Communications Office. The school will have a shopping list of essential gear, advice on software and digital media, and the core set of forms, documents, and procedures that are necessary to produce videos for community engagement.
My job title - producer-in-residence - comes from a well established tradition in the art world. An artist-in-residence is when an institution invites an artist with a specific skill to produce work, and bring new ideas to the institution, for a defined period of time. Residencies are offered by places such as museums, orchestras, universities and galleries. The artist could be a composer-in-residence or writer-in-residence, for example.
Please, contact me for examples of my work:
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